Calm Mom, Happy Kids.



Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out as a parent? Do you find yourself easily triggered by your child's behavior and struggling to respond in a calm and effective way?


No more feeling like you're constantly on edge or like you're not doing enough for your child.


It's time to take control of your inner balance and become a calm, confident, and empowered mom. In this masterclass, you'll learn practical tools and strategies for regulating your emotions and improving your parenting skills.

No more feeling like you're constantly on edge or like you're not doing enough for your child. With Calm Mom, Happy Kids, you'll discover how to tap into your own inner resources and find the balance you need to show up as the best version of yourself for your family.


“Knowledge comes from learning, Experience comes from living.” 


  • Learn the art of responsive parenting: Discover how to tune in to your child's needs and emotions, so you can meet them where they are and create a strong connection.
  • Build a strong foundation: Learn the science behind nervous system regulation, and how it impacts your parenting skills.
  • Understand your unique energy patterns: Discover how to manage your energy levels and use your natural strengths to your advantage.
  • Embrace your differences: If you or your child is neurodivergent, learn how to embrace and celebrate your unique perspective and use it to your advantage.
  • Create a peaceful home environment: Gain practical strategies for creating a calm and harmonious home environment that supports your entire family.



This includes lifetime access to the masterclass

Paige Bruce and Lindsay Adams

Co-Founders of Mindful As a Mother


Nice to meet you! 

We are Paige and Lindsay. The two child therapists behind Mindful As A Mother. We host a podcast, own private practices, and have our own kids running around. 

We  help moms show up in parenting in a way they can feel good about. We love to create community in motherhood, because all moms deserve to have access to education, support, and a team that has their back. 

We like to keep it real- we drink caffeine and struggle to keep our ducks in a row. 

Even if you don’t buy from us, we hope you take one thing away from this page. We are here for you. 


Here's what others are saying

“Lindsay and Paige helped me understand that I need to take a second to acknowledge what I am feeling in the moment. Then they give tangible tips to use in real world scenarios."

Laura Nielsen

You are amazing. This course came at the perfect time. I breathes, actually breathed, and finally felt clear for the first time in weeks. 

Jessica Taylor